Career Planning

In this course, participants will assess themselves, understand the importance of marketing yourself, conduct a needs and values assessment and develop a career planning action plan.

DiSC Interpersonal Effectiveness

This session helps team members understand each person’s communication style and develop listening strategies and behaviors that will enhance their ability to work together to achieve their ideal team and business goals and develop a plan for improving written and verbal communication skills. Participants will have the benefit of increasing self-awareness through their own personalized DiSC Profile. This behavioral learning instrument is a vital tool for interpersonal communications, teamwork, and personal effectiveness.

Hands-on Training Design and Delivery

Customization to meet our clients’ specific training and development needs is a core competency for us. Whether you need teambuilding, leadership training, communication, customer service or a custom designed program for a soft skill not in our catalog, we can help you. We will complete a thorough needs assessment before delivering any program and are expert in classroom and on-the-job training curriculum. All of our programs are based on adult learning theory and we enjoy consistently positive evaluations.

Myers Briggs Team Training

Myers Briggs is a personality type indicator, which can be used to build team strength based on individual preferences.

Recruiting For Success

In this course, participants will learn how to develop a recruiting strategy for your company, hire and retain the most talented people; practice behavior based interviewing and evaluate candidates to help you make good hiring decisions.

Receiving a Performance Evaluation

Participants will learn what makes a Performance Management System effective, how to prepare and plan for the performance evaluation and how to receive feedback.

Strategic Planning

RT Dee & Associates will facilitate the strategic planning process for your organization including establishment of mission, vision, values as well as business unit objectives.

Workplace Big Five Profile

This assessment is valuable in understanding your own personality and preferences as well as those in your team. The participants will gain a greater understanding of their behaviors and other team members. We will also explore how to use this understanding to more effectively work as a team.

Customized Team Building

RT Dee & Associates will customize team-building sessions to support your strategic direction and based on the needs of your organization.