Business Writing

In this course, participants will learn how to write clear, concise letters, memos and e-mail messages to move projects along efficiently. Participants will also learn to improve their grammar usage and learn to consider tone, style and audience when writing. They will also have an opportunity to evaluate their own work.

Career Planning

In this course, participants will assess themselves, understand the importance of marketing yourself, conduct a needs and values assessment and develop a career planning action plan.

Change Management

We exist in a perpetual state of change. This program puts change in perspective. Participants will assess their own reactions to change, gain a greater understanding of the stages people go through in dealing with change and help others navigate the turbulent waters in life changes.

Conflict Management

In this course, participants will learn the skills proven to work with conflict in a constructive way. Participants will identify their own style for dealing with conflict, identify other team member's conflict styles and choose an appropriate conflict style based on the situation.

Customer Service Skills

Participants will learn the basic principles in providing outstanding customer service. They will identify internal and external customers and their needs, deal effectively with multi-cultural customers, and effectively handle customer complaints and how to turn an angry customer into a repeat customer.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem solving gives you the competitive advantage that makes you a winner in the marketplace. Participants will learn a process that will enable them to redefine problems so they can be solved more effectively, generate more ideas than thought possible, and build and implement ideas to create worthwhile change or improvement.

DiSC Interpersonal Effectiveness

This session helps team members understand each person’s communication style and develop listening strategies and behaviors that will enhance their ability to work together to achieve their ideal team and business goals and develop a plan for improving written and verbal communication skills. Participants will have the benefit of increasing self-awareness through their own personalized DiSC Profile. This behavioral learning instrument is a vital tool for interpersonal communications, teamwork, and personal effectiveness.

Facilitation Skills

In this course, participants will learn how to use the role of the facilitator to improve team meetings, strengthen relationships and achieve team goals.

Influencing Communication

In this course, participants learn to understand the impact of communication, understand their current skill, effectively convey their message and develop a plan for improving written and verbal communication skills.

Managing Priorities

Participants will learn how to set priorities in an environment of non-stop change. Participants will also learn how to maintain a time management system that allows for the completion of priority projects, negotiate workable deadlines and identify and minimize obstacles.

Meeting Effectiveness

In this course, participants will learn tools to make meetings more effective and productive. They will also learn team roles, facilitation techniques to keep meetings on track, problem solving tools and decision-making tools.

Negotiation Skills

Participants will learn how negotiation works, how to separate people from the problem, focus on interests not positions, strategies to build and improve collaborative relationships and techniques to create options that will satisfy both parties. Participants can apply these principles in their personal and professional lives.

Presentation Skills

In this course, participants will learn how to analyze audience needs, organize material based on core themes, present material persuasively and establish professional presence and credibility. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice their presentation skills.

Professional Selling Skills

In this course, participants will focus on the face-to-face interactions and take the participants through a four step selling process, with a focus on responding effectively to customer concerns. Role-play and case study will be used extensively to practice skills.

Social Intelligence

This course will help participants to manage the differences in ways people manage the interpersonal experience. They will gain an understanding of how to connect and influence people and build on a set of key life competencies.

Stress Management

Participants will understand what stress is, what your sources of stress are and how our body responds to stress. This course will also provide several techniques and strategies for managing stress. Participants will also develop a stress management plan.

Train The Trainer

Participants will learn the characteristics of effective adult facilitation, how to develop training programs based on learning objectives and how to use effective methods for teaching adults.

Workplace Big Five Profile

This assessment is valuable in understanding your own personality and preferences as well as those in your team. The participants will gain a greater understanding of their behaviors and other team members. We will also explore how to use this understanding to more effectively work as a team.