Consider the Following

  • Have you ever made a poor hiring decision and had to live with the results?
  • Have you ever lost a key employee to a competitor?
  • Do you have a people strategy?
  • Can you answer why talented, bright people would love to work for your company?
  • Are you at a point where product quality and price alone are not giving you a competitive edge?
  • Are your people busy or busy and productive?
  • Have you ever wondered how much a lawsuit would cost if you weren't in compliance with employment laws?

Our Mission

It is our belief that every individual and organization shares the same desire - to win, be successful and have fun in the process. Actions of successful companies are not random; they are very deliberate.

Those companies that achieve their income targets and provide maximum stakeholder value take action and establish clear goals relating to their people and processes.

RT Dee and Associates, Inc. can help you achieve your desired results.